Giuseppe & Giuseppe

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We are proud to introduce you to our new premier furniture brand, Giuseppe & Giuseppe. Our high-end upholstered offerings combine the most esthetically pleasing and superbly comfortable designs with the finest, earth-friendly materials. Giuseppe & Giuseppe's goal is to quench our customer’s desire for the ultimate in contemporary furnishings that will enhance their modern, yet discerning lifestyle.

You can be assured that each and every piece of Giuseppe & Giuseppe premium quality Italian-made furniture has been intricately crafted by Italy’s finest furniture artisans. Not only will the sleek, contemporary lines immediately speak to European sensibilities, but be prepared to feel astounded by the extra attention to detail in each uniquely luxurious style.

Two Italian leather upholstery designers, Giuseppe Nicoletti and Giuseppe Calia, as the company’s namesakes, bring to the table over 50 years of authentic Italian design centered around quality and innovation. They are constantly striving to maintain our esteemed history of superior service, cutting-edge designs and premium quality furniture built to last a lifetime.