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American Leather is a name well familiar to North American customers and the star logo has become a hallmark of high quality and beautiful design.

Few people know that American Leather Company is relatively new in the furniture manufacturing industry (it was founded in 1990). Besides their exceptional quality they are also famous for their production time. The owner and founder of the company, Bon Duncan is an engineer by profession and has modeled the American Leather manufacturing process on technologically advanced system similar to the one used in “just in time” car manufacturing process in Japan. His revolutionary idea allows the sofas to be manufactured in a three week period, while the industry standard is six to eight weeks both in North America and Europe.

In spite of their name, American Leather also has a very extensive line of fabric as well as a wide variety of leather. Products by American Leather are engineered to meet the highest durability standards of residential furnishings, hospitality industry, luxury marine and RV interiors. American leather Ultrasuede fabrics have a ten year warranty and are resistant to sagging, cracking, pilling and shrinking, spot cleanable and washable. Their Crypton fabric, for example, is popular in health-care and other commercial applications, as it repels liquids.  Spills and stains easily wipe up, leaving the cushions clean and dry.

The American leather sleeper sofas (sofa-beds) and sectionals are the most comfortable sofa-beds in the  North American market and are available  in classic and contemporary designs.  There are  three different mattress options to choose from: a softer gel mattress, firmer Premier and world renowned Tempur-Pedic.  The way they are designed, American Leather sofa-beds take the least amount of space and fit the smallest rooms, apartments and condos. The opening and closing mechanism work with almost no effort. Sofa-beds, as well all other sofas and sectionals disassemble easily to fit through tight entries.

We at Crave are proud to be among the famous stores that carry American Leather sofas, sectionals, chairs and recliners such as Room & Board, Macys, and Crate & Barrel.