4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Sofa or Sectional

June 10, 2014

Committing to a sofa or sectional is among the biggest design decisions we make when furnishing a home. Not only are they pieces that physically take up a lot of space, but their higher price tag likely means you’ll expect years of use from the item you choose. It’s important to make your pick based not only on what’s right for your room, but also on the needs of the people (and maybe animals!) who will be using the piece.


If you’re in the market for a new sectional or sofa, start by asking yourself these 4 key questions:

How much space?

It may be helpful to begin by laying out the room on paper. Take proper measurements to figure out exactly how much space you can spare. Keep in mind your ceiling height and any existing pieces in the room to get a feel for the visual space available in your contemporary living room furniture configuration. Next, shop around and see what’s available within your budget, size requirements, and desired design esthetic.


Leather or Fabric?

Choose your upholstery type based on the needs of your room. Will this be a formal modern living room furniture collection used solely for tidy occasions? Or is this a family room with kids and pets looking for a spot to lounge? It’s tempting to choose upholstery based solely on the look, but to maximize the longevity of the piece, choose a textile that will stand up to your needs.  

Sofa or Sectional?

Though the two types of pieces may seem similar, they serve completely different purposes and both have specific types of rooms to which they are best suited. For instance, rooms that feature multiple entrances or a fireplace are best with a sofa/chairs combination to ensure the space remains open and airy. A sofa/chairs combination will also heighten the look of a more formal room. Sectionals or sofa/chaise combinations on the other hand are best suited for more casual living spaces and the perfect example is the Baseline sectional by Eilersen. 

That being said, contemporary sectionals like Menlo Park by American Leather have a clean, minimalist look that lends itself well to a modern living room furniture configuration while still offering comfort and practicality. 


What’s Trending?

In design, you never want to be a slave to the trends. However, you don’t necessarily want to overlook them either- particularly trends in functionality. Many European manufacturers have begun creating pieces that can be modified to suit the needs of the moment. For example, a motion seat mechanism for modular functionality or an adjustable headrest to suit the height or position of the person being seated. Today’s contemporary living room sofas are both beautiful and multifunctional.

Do your homework and purchase your sofa or sectional from a reputable manufacturer to guarantee a number of years of comfort and relaxation from your lounge pieces. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect piece for your space, come see one of our design-minded professionals at Crave Furniture in Calgary. We’re positive we can help you find a piece so great you’ll wish you never needed to leave the couch.

What’s your next major furniture purchase? Sofa or sectional?

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