August 15, 2014

What Does it Take to Have a Perfect Home Office?

What does it take to design a perfect home office? How do you create an inviting space while maintaining a professional enough air to encourage real work? It’s a balancing act, and today we’re sharing our top tips for creating the perfect anti- home office space.

Keep it Loose
Don’t be tempted to make the space too serious- your home office has to fit within the greater design scheme of your entire home, and as such it’s okay to keep it a little more casual than your office at work. A modern office desk is a great start.  If you’re creating a homework space for the kids, be sure to throw in some elements of whimsy to make it their own. The space has to be inviting and relaxed, a place that you’ll actually want to go to get work done. Don’t foster procrastination with the creation of a dark, crowded home office space.

Keep it Airy
Gone are the days of the heavy mahogany desk and overstuffed leather armchair. Today’s modern office furniture needs to maintain the contemporary, minimal vibe of the house around them. Choose a modern desk that provides enough work space to suit your needs, but that doesn’t take up too much visual space. A contemporary white desk works perfectly within a light space, blending seamlessly into your home interior.


If you’re a fan of mid-century modern, consider purchasing a desk with a traditional wood or veneer top, but featuring slim contemporary legs.

Keep it Moving
If you don’t require a permanent home office space but need a periodic work solution, or simply live in a small space, there are many modular modern office furniture solutions, which can be neatly tucked away when not in use. Small lap-top desks give you the option to set up a workspace while sitting on the sofa, without taking up the space of a traditional home office.


Keep it Organized
Of course, one of the most crucial components to any home office is organization. It’s impossible to keep a space feeling airy, minimal and contemporary with thousands of papers and books strewn all over the work surfaces. Choose a desk with built-in storage, or an airy standing shelving unit to keep your space tidy.


All those post-work projects seem a little less scary when you’re able to complete them in a calm, organized, home office environment. And thankfully, there are plenty of great options to choose from at the Crave Furniture Gallery in Calgary. If you’re in need of some inspiration, drop by and speak to one of our design-minded professionals about your modern office furniture needs. A few ideas and a nudge in the right direction may be all you need to finally tackle that mountain of paperwork once and for all.

What is your biggest struggle when working from home? Would having a more organized space help you overcome procrastination?

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