Small Space? 5 Furniture Tricks to Stretch Your Square Footage

July 4, 2014

Canadian cities are growing ever taller with so many young professionals, empty nesters, and even families making the move towards condo living. It’s no wonder why- a great view, fabulous amenities, and a killer locale have massive appeal for the discerning urban dweller. But the one challenge every condo resident faces is space.

How do I make a small space feel bigger, while meeting all my furnishing needs?
How can I give the illusion of different niche spaces within an open concept layout?
How can I maximize storage capacity while maintaining a minimalist sensibility?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions about your space, you’re in luck. Today we’re sharing 5 tips to give the illusion of a larger space without sacrificing storage, style, and of course, comfort.

1) Size Matters
Many people downsizing from a larger house to a condo will find that the pieces that looked “just right” in their previous home look all wrong in a smaller space. Oversized sofas, heavy, ornate dining tables, and thick sideboards can take up significant space, making a condo appear much smaller. Choose pieces with a streamlined silhouette and clean lines to make a tight space seem more open.


2) Choose Pieces That Grow

You may entertain often, but do you really need an 8-10 person dining table every day of the week? In a smaller space, it’s best to choose pieces that can grow according to your needs. Tables with extensions, sofa beds, sofa recliners, and sofas with modular functionality or ratcheting headrests can all be modified to suit your needs, but be shrunk down between uses.





3) Keep it Low
Maximizing a condo is all about creating open visual spaces. One of the best ways to do this is to choose low-profile pieces such as beds and couches. Keeping furniture low to the ground lends a clean, minimalist, contemporary look by keeping space at the eye-level open and airy.

4) Double Up on Storage
Smart storage is all about dual functionality. For instance, choose a bed with hidden storage drawers beneath, or a coffee table with multiple hidden compartments. This way, condo dwellers can find a place for everything, avoiding scary over-packed closets and pantries.



5) Minimalist Shelving
Gorgeous, streamlined shelving units can accomplish many functions at once. Firstly, they provide you with a contemporary solution to showcasing some of your own personality within your space. By placing candles, books, and travel souvenirs within the grid of a modern shelving unit, you instantly lend a more organized look to your knick knacks. Secondly, free-standing shelving units can act as a room divider, creating the illusion of differentiated spaces within an open-concept layout. 



European manufacturers have been faced with the challenge of creating furnishings for smaller urban spaces for many years. Through centuries of building, they’ve refined their craftsmanship and design to meet the tight requirements of the condo lifestyle. At Crave Furniture in Calgary, we carry lines from a number of esteemed European manufacturers, perfect for your small space. Visit us to take a look, and even get a second opinion from one of our design-minded professionals. Some smart planning and streamlined pieces can go a long way in stretching the square footage of your small space.

What’s your favourite piece to maximize space within a tight room? How have you met storage requirements within a condo?

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