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Avenue magazine. December 2012


Crave Furniture.

Comfort and cutting-edge design European style are the name of the game at this new addition to Calgary’s furniture scene. Whether you’re after a modern origami coffee table, an Italian leather design classic or a functional (but funky) bedroom set, Crave promises options for every space and style. (456 42Ave. S.E., 587-351-2947,


Condo Living magazine. November 2012


The newest luxury furniture store in Calgary will make you “crave” for the finer things in life, as Crave Furniture opens its doors.

The 3,600-square-foot show room on 456 42 Avenue S.E. boasts stylish, comfortable, multifunctional and eco friendly contemporary furniture, many crafted in Italy.

“Great design and comfort are the main criteria we use in selecting our products,” says Crave’s Olga Brovkina. “With a wide variety of European products in stock or available through catalogues, we cater to the needs of Calgary’s ever expanding middle and upper class.”

Crave Furniture also provides professional design consultations, show home decorating, complete furnishing and decorating solutions for busy clients. You can also visit
them on


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Calgary AB – 16 Jan 2013 – Calgary’s newest furniture boutique is tempting customers with more than delectable designer furnishings; it’s now offering an exclusive selection of world famous Vosges chocolates as well. 


“Vosges chocolates are a perfect complement to our primary business,” says Olga Brovkina, founder and owner of Crave Furniture.  “Like our furniture, they are beautifully designed, beautifully made, and add a touch of luxury to everyday life.”


Brovkina first encountered Vosges during a buying trip to Las Vegas, where the famous chocolate maker has one of its few self-branded boutiques.  A self-confessed chocoholic (“We live longer than abstainers, or so I’ve read.”), Brovkina immediately fell in love with Vosges’ unique vision of her favourite indulgence. “This was more than just gourmet chocolate – this was gourmet chocolate with heart and soul and conscience.  I found the whole Vosges story to be very uplifting and inspiring – it was very much in accord with my own worldview.”


It is quite a story.  Since its launch in 1998, Chicago-based Vosges Haut-Chocolate has become a worldwide success and founder Katrina Markoff has become an industry icon, lauded in dozens of magazines and media profiles for both her exquisite and unique products, and for her bold and refreshing approach to business.  The company’s mission is nothing less than to “inspire you to interact with the world in a different way”.  Classically trained and widely travelled, Markoff draws on inspiration from cultures and cuisines around the world to craft unique chocolate creations which are “meant to be indulgent and sensual and opening to the mind."


Many aspects of the Vosges philosophy struck a familiar chord with Brovkina.  She too has travelled widely and admires high standards of design, craftsmanship and innovation.  It was part of the impetus to open her own furniture store. “In my travels, I saw so many beautiful and interesting things, and I wanted to make them available to people at home here in Calgary.  It was my dream to open my own furniture store so I could do this.”  The store, Crave Furniture, opened in mid-2012 and specializes in highly designed, highly functional and highly comfortable contemporary furniture.  “People often think that modern furniture is uncomfortable due to its clean style. We want to prove that modern can be exceptionally comfortable.”


The decision to add Vosges chocolates to the product mix is a bit unorthodox, Brovkina admits, but it’s a great fit with Crave’s philosophy.  “Vosges is famous for its elegant design, its attention to detail, its exquisite taste – these are all qualities that are also reflected in our furniture.”


Crave is stocking a dozen varieties of Vosges chocolate bars, including Black Salt Caramel, Cherry Rooibos and Smoke and Stout. Prices start at $10 per bar.  “I hope people who come to the store will treat themselves to this small indulgence,” says Brovkina, “I know it will make their visit to Crave a very memorable experience."