Well chosen art and décor does more than add visual interest to a room; it becomes a reflection of your personality and allows you to express your individual taste and temperament.  Crave is pleased to offer Calgary’s most unique and dazzling collection of contemporary wall décor, specially chosen to compliment our modern furniture selection.

Contemporary home décor is characterized by simple forms, bright colors, innovative design and minimalistic approach.  Great designers have discovered that it is the way objects are displayed, as much as the objects themselves, that makes an impact.  A single décor item needs to have significant scale to please the eye, but you can create the same aesthetic experience through the artful arrangement of multiples.

Some décor items have a function – like our sculptural European shelving units – and some are purely decorative, there simply to be enjoyed: glass ball arrangements, unique geometric forms, intriguing wall hangings.   We have dozens of inspiring art and décor notions, from artwork and sculpture to decorative boxes, vases, mirrors , candleholders and more.  Browse through our online collections, or visit the store to experience it in person.   And don’t  forget  - we can help you find that one unique piece of décor you are looking for through our Catalogue Explorer Service.