Furniture that’s used in commercial settings has to work in more ways than one.  It has to look good, and match the style and tone of the business.  It also has to meet higher standards of quality and durability, offer easy care and maintenance, and be backed with strong product warranties.  Of course, it should be functional and comfortable as well.

We understand the special requirements of commercial customers, and our Contract division is designed to offer a wealth of practical and attractive solutions for furniture, accessories for all kinds of commercial applications, including:
• Health care facilities
• Medical and dental offices
• Business offices
• Lounge and reception areas
• Cafes, bars and restaurants
• Hotels and B&B’s
• Student residences
…and many more.  We also offer a wide variety of larger scale décor pieces specially designed for commercial spaces: large planters and vases, oversize mirrors and wall decorations, artworks, sculptures and much more.  For examples of some of our contract furniture and décor options, visit our Commercial section.

For more information on our design services, please contact the store.