Decorating a child’s room is probably one of the most enjoyable of all design projects – it lets you indulge your imagination and be a kid again! But among the flights of fancy, a few grown-up concerns must be considered.  Kids’ furniture can be fun and colourful, but it also must be safe, rugged, practical - and adaptable enough to endure a few phases of an active childhood. 

Few companies understand kids’ furniture better than Gautier.  This world renowned French manufacturer built its reputation on its unique line of children’s furniture, and continues to produce some of the finest designs available. 

Take Calico, for example.  This colourful collection is as vivid and fun as a three-year-old’s imagination, but super sensible as well, with modules and options that allow the pieces to be expanded or added onto as the child’s needs grow.  A Calico bedroom provides the perfect environment for a growing mind: a stimulating space for creative play, as well as a safe and comfortable place to sleep.  Like all of Gautier’s pieces, it is beautifully designed, very well manufactured, made to highest European safety standards, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Crave is pleased to offer Calgary’s widest selection of genuine Gautier furniture for children of all ages, from infants to teens: cribs and nursery sets, children’s bedroom suites, and teen-themed designs with matching desks and wardrobes.  We also carry a large selection of children’s accessory furniture: toyboxes and storage units, bookcases, dressers, and more.  Let our expert designers help you find the perfect bedroom for the little folk in your life.