Few aspects of interior design have as much impact as lighting.  Simple changes in a room’s lighting can dramatically alter its mood; a room that is bright and businesslike one minute can become intimate and romantic the next – all through a change in lighting. 

Good lighting design is an art unto itself.  Well-designed lighting will perform three important roles in a room:
• it will perform a function; illuminating a particular area in a particular way for a specific purpose;
• it will contribute to the mood of the overall interior, helping set the tone for the room; and
• it will be in harmony with the overall theme of the room; the fixture’s physical design will complement the rest of the furnishings and contribute to the visual character of the room.

Ambient lighting creates general illumination for a room, while additional fixtures like lamps and sconces provide task, accent and decorative lighting. 

Crave offers an exclusive selection of exquisitely designed floor and table lamps that are beautiful to behold by day or night.  Sculptural, elegant and visually exciting, these pieces will inspire you to rethink the role of lighting in your home.  Speak with one of our design experts about adding a new glow to your home – with contemporary lighting from Crave.