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  • Berlin 4 Levels - 150 Shelf

  • Catalogue #: 9500.316739
  • Dimensions: 13 in x 63 in x 59 in
  • Availability: Available For Order
  • Product Tags: TemaHome, Berlin

Some spaces require that extra bit of functional storage in order to properly organize the space. The Berlin 150 Shelf is a modular shelf designed with storage in mind. Available in 4 finishes: oak, walnut, white, and white with plywood edge. If your space requires a little bit of extra storage, the Berlin 150 Shelf can be perfect for your needs, including it's 5 levels of storage. This shelf stands 60" W x 78" H x 14" D. The Berlin 150 Shelf is a perfect storage solution. Visit the Crave Furniture Gallery in Calgary for furniture ideas and inspiration.