• Calista Shelf

  • Catalogue #: ACD-21205-10
  • Dimensions: 18 in x 78 in x 72 in
  • Availability: Available For Order
  • Product Tags: Allan Copley, Calista Collection

This unique shelf piece will add just the right amount of “Wow” to your home. Most bookcases are shelves are understated, but not the Calista Shelf. The Calista Shelf stands 18”W x 72”L x 78”H and is available in with a beautiful finish. This bookcase offers the perfect way to finish your home, if you're in extra need of storage. The Crave Furniture Gallery in Calgary has many interesting conversation pieces to choose from, including the rest of our bookcase and shelving collection. Come visit the gallery for more ideas.

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Available in multiple finishes.

The Calista Collection includes:

ACD-21205-10 Calista Bookcase

ACD-21205-01R Calista Coffee Table

ACD-21205-04 Calista Dining Table

ACD-21205-02R Calista End