• James Shelf

  • Catalogue #: ACD-21104-10
  • Dimensions: 30 in x 72 in x 18 in
  • Availability: Available For Order
  • Product Tags: Allan Copley, James Collection

The James Shelf is a a rugged bookshelf that adds just the right amount of storage to any room in your house. The James Shelf is available in an aluminum metal finish. Strong and sturdy, the James Shelf is the perfect place to storae your books or other goods, standing 30"L x 18"W x 72"H. The Crave Furniture Gallery in Calgary features many furniture inspirations to help you in creating the ideal furniture setup.

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Available in multiple finishes.

The James Collection includes:

ACD-21104-10 James Bookcase

ACD-21104-01 James Coffee Table

ACD-21104-02 James End Table

ACD-21104-03 James Console Table