On design
In the past ten years or so, interior design has gone mainstream, discussed and dissected in thousands of television programs, trade shows, magazine, websites and blogs.  As a result, not only is the average homeowner acutely aware of interior design, they are frequently downright anxious about furnishing their living space, fearful of committing some crime of fashion!  

At Crave, our philosophy is a little different.  Design begins with you: your life, your home, your style.  Our customer service approach is all about finding what fits your lifestyle, not about fitting you into a design template.

Expert Design Services
Everyone at Crave is design-minded professional, there to assist our customers in whatever way we can.  Whether you want to fit a new piece into an existing setting, create a complete new living environment,  or furnish a brand new house from the ground up, we can help.  Bring us your pictures, your dimensions, your schematic, your Pinterest pages!  We will work to find the solution that perfectly meets your needs. 

And remember: what you see on the floor is just the beginning. Through our many international suppliers we have access to thousands of design solutions, just a click or a phone call away.  So dream big – whatever you crave, we’re sure we can find it.

Crave’s design services include:

In Store Design Assistance
In Home Design Assistance
Catalog Explorer Service
Staging & Show Suite Furnishing
Contract furniture

For more information on our design services, please contact the store.