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Style, Quality and Innovation

TemaHome has more than thirty years of experience in the furniture and lifestyle industry, having points-of-sale spread throughout thirty different countries around the world.

Our design team is a young, fun and talented group of energetic and positive people, deeply engaged with the success of TemaHome. They always design with the company's motto “Living your dreams” in mind to offer you objects for your life, that can and will become a part of your own identity. That's what makes them stay up all night, and bring a pen and a piece of paper with them everywhere, because you never know when the inspiration might come. Our design team's creations are the best thing we can offer you, translated into simple, comfortable and timeless objects for your home and your life.

Technology and innovation are in constant development at TemaHome thanks to the perfect sync between our production and design departments. This approach is the warranty that the latest equipment and automation systems are properly used and the production flow is maximized, so that we can always deliver products with the highest quality.

TemaHome produces a collection of contemporary furniture and decorative accents, that combine modern lines and award winning designs by some of the most respected Portuguese designers, such as Fernando Brízio and Filipe Alarcão. This attention to the design of each product, results in timeless pieces that can fit into an endless variety of contexts.


Product Maintenance: Taking care of your wood furniture

We all love to enjoy precious moments in the comfort of our homes, and at TemaHome, they say that a house should be lived to its fullest. Still, proper care and maintenance is the best warranty of a longer and improved life for you wood furniture. To guide you through the top tips of how to maintain TemaHome's products, we gathered a few topics that will ensure your furniture with many years of superior performance. It's as easy as it seems!

  • Protect it from direct heat and sunlight
  • Dust Often
  • Treat scratches properly